Blessing of a Full Stomach

After three weeks being on lockdown, anyone in my community could have told you coronavirus wasn’t something that scared them.

Yes, a disease cannot differentiate between people’s histories or tell who is rich or poor, but coronavirus, as far as people in my community knew, was a rich man’s problem. Only people with food in their belly fret about social distancing and all that stuff. When self-isolating, you can’t ask a neighbor for a loan or if they have some food item to spare.

After three weeks on lockdown, I was fed up. I couldn’t go to work and I had no money. I could either sit around and starve or brave the streets in search of work.

The foodbank came to my community at an opportune time. Suffice it to say that the blessing of a full stomach is not something I will take for granted again.

Beneficiary (Ebute Metta)

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